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Interview with the CRA-YON Founders-image

Interview with the CRA-YON Founders

In this interview by the editors at APLACE you'll learn more about the creative process behind the CRA-YON scents 👀

In this interview by the editors at APLACE you'll learn more about the creative process behind the CRA-YON scents.

The pioneers and married couple Niclas and Christine Lydeen are the ones behind the award-winning perfumes in CRA-YON. With a goal to make more people discover the difference between a good perfume and a great perfume, they work with high quality ingredients to create fragrances that have a soft presence, are completely vegan and unisex. 

The sense of smell is one of our strongest senses. It captures moments, builds memories and has an incredible ability to amplify and influence our emotions. CRA-YON, whose products consist of transporting fragrances with different characters gives each wearer the opportunity to be transported to different moods and state of minds where feelings, memories and associations are created instinctively.

To produce each of its unique fragrances, CRA-YON uses their own creative platform. With a combination of carefully selected, completely vegan and cruelty-free raw material, they test their way until the perfect quality of each fragrance is achieved.

Through unique top, heart and base notes, they create a well-thought-out baluster to fully convey each sensation where the notes act as a trigger for each wearer. The combination of ingredients, emotions and experiences guides the process of creating unique scents and bringing them to life in unique ways.

The latest addition to CRA-YON’s fragrance wardrobe is “The High Road”.  An alcohol-free perfume oil with herbaceous, sensual and infatuating tones of fig, cannabis, sage, cedarwood and violet. “The High Road” is a multilayered scent that elevates all senses and teases your mind with a reminiscence of illicit behavior. Apply the oil to your pulse points and let the soft milky scent of “The High Road” with its calming energy empower you.

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