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CRA-YON Perfume Bar

Everything we do at CRA-YON is about sparking joy, curiosity and wellbeing. It's a state of mind more than anything. We believe that enhancing our senses goes beyond products; it's a way of being. We believe in being present in the moment, appreciating our senses, and being curious about the world around us. We are building a community that is inclusive and inspiring, where everyone is welcome.

We are passionate about using our broad experience in fragrance development and our network of producers and suppliers to create a world of well-being and inspiration with scent, one spray at a time.

To that end, we have taken a clean and sophisticated approach to our packaging design, removing all excess elements often used in luxury packaging. We strive to offer sustainable and refined packaging that is not only affordable but also environmentally friendly.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to build a fragrance wardrobe with different "superpowers" that you can use to enhance specific feelings or moods. Whether it's the perfect power scent for the office, the scent that helps you feel more confident in a charged meeting, or the scent that transports you to your happy place whenever you need it, we want to be a part of your fragrance journey.