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Cedarwood in Perfumery | CRA-YON Parfums-image

Cedarwood in Perfumery | CRA-YON Parfums

Experience the captivating versatility of cedarwood, bringing a crisp freshness to summer perfumes and evoking the essence of nature's coastal beauty.

Do you recall the nostalgic scent emanating from your school pencil case? That delightful fragrance is none other than the essence of Cedar, the very wood employed in pencil production. While it possesses the expected woody aroma, it also exudes a captivating freshness, tinged with resinous undertones. If you've ever strolled through a lush evergreen forest, the scent of cedar will transport you back to that serene environment.

What is Cedarwood?

The concentrated oil derived from the foliage of cedar trees cultivated in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco or Virginia in the USA is obtained through steam distillation. This potent oil is not only utilized in aromatherapy for its calming and balancing properties but is also responsible for evoking memories. While traditionally found in the background as a base note, cedar perfumes are now stepping into the spotlight.

The smell of Cedarwood

Unlike its well-known counterpart, sandalwood, cedar perfume exudes a bold and distinctive character with its dry, smoky, and peppery notes. 

Cedarwood oil, with its balsamic undertones and distinctive camphorous odor, evokes a range of scent descriptors associated with this aromatic wood. From the fragrance of pencil shavings to the alluring aroma of fine cigar boxes, cedar is renowned for its warm and woody scent. Apart from its olfactory appeal, Cedarwood oil, also known as Cedar oil, offers numerous benefits in aromatherapy and everyday life.

Cedarwood notes in CRA-YON Perfumes

One such fragrance in CRA-YON is The High Road, artfully showcases the timeless yet modern classic aroma of aromatic cedarwood. With stimulating sage and fig leaf adding spice and warmth, and cannabis notes imparting a subtle wisp of earth, The High Road blends the fragrance seamlessly with vetiver and musk, resulting in an exceptionally elegant scent.

Cedarwood's versatility shines when combined with powdery and spicy notes, as demonstrated in Sand Service. Evoking the carefree sensation of standing on a deserted cove, with sand between your toes and the natural scents of the ocean surrounding you. The sea air carries the essence of sun-bleached driftwood while papyrus, orris and violet leafs is blowing in the wind.

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