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Frequently asked questions

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An olfactive family serves as a classification system utilized by perfumery professionals to categorize fragrances based on their predominant notes, such as cologne, floral, woody, amber, and chypre. This system enables both industry experts and consumers to identify and understand the olfactory characteristics of different perfumes more easily. Read more here Olfactive families

Yes, our Perfumes are Vegan and Cruelty free. We care about our furry friends and do not support animal testing. We promote a kinder and eco-friendly way to make perfumes.

Perfumes have different scent layers:

  • Top notes: These are the first, quick scents when you spray perfume.
  • Heart notes: These last longer, revealing the perfume's true character.
  • Base notes: These scents linger and stick to your clothes. They often have a woody, lasting quality. For more details, check our guide on scent notes.

Read more about the Perfume Pyramid here.

Fragrances last a long time if stored properly. Keep them in a cool, dark place away from heat sources, and they'll stay fresh for at least 30 months. Perfume lovers, you'll likely use it up before then. For more care tips, read here.

Perfuming is a personal art, but here are some tips: Fragrance lingers longer on your skin's warmer areas like your neck, behind your ears, or wrists. Spritzing your clothes can also work. Ever tried layering different perfumes?

Read more about How to apply perfume.

Yes you can. And guess what? Following your purchase you will receive a code via email that you can use to deduct 25€/25£ when purchasing any full-size bottle of your choice. You can buy perfume samples and pocket perfumes here.

Our philosophy at CRA-YON is simple: Scent has the power to elevate lives. We're passionate about crafting fragrances that inspire well-being and creativity. Our ethos revolves around sustainability and simplicity. Read more About Us.

A perfume accord is an artful fusion of at least two aromatic ingredients meticulously combined to produce a distinct olfactory experience, resulting in a harmonious composition of scents.

Distillation in perfumery involves the process of extracting essential oils from fresh or dried plants through the method of steam evaporation, capturing the purest aromatic essences for use in fragrance creation. This meticulous technique ensures the preservation of the plant's aromatic profile, contributing to the complexity and quality of the resulting perfumes.

Maceration refers to the essential period during which a perfume concentrate blends with alcohol to achieve its optimal olfactory profile. For utmost effectiveness, this process necessitates large-scale maceration before bottling, as once the fragrance is bottled, it no longer undergoes the same maturation process.

At CRA-YON we carefully select our ingredients based on their olfactory properties and use rigorously tested combinations of synthetic and natural ingredients. This blend offers advantages in terms of sustainability, consistency, ethics, and creativity. Read more about Natural vs synthetic ingredients in Perfumes