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How to buy a perfume you haven't smelled yet. A blog by CRA-YON-image

How to buy a perfume you haven't smelled yet

If you can't try CRA-YON in a store, don't worry. You can still make a well-informed decision when buying perfume online. Let CRA-YON assist you in your search 📌

Scents capture the essence of the moment and translate it into a bottle. When applied to the wrist, they have the power to evoke a specific mood or feeling. But how to grab the perfect scent adding virtual shopping to it?

Understanding popular fragrance terms can help you tell scents apart and find the perfect one for you. So, it's worth getting familiar with them!

Learn the Language:

Perfume Concentration: 

The concentration of perfume oil in the liquid solution (usually a combination of alcohol and water) determines the percentage of oil present in the perfume. The greater the amount of perfume oil in the solution, the higher the concentration of the perfume.

This concentration is what distinguishes perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne from each other. If you prefer a stronger scent, then it's best to go for a parfum that contains over 20% of perfume oil. However, if you prefer a lighter fragrance, then an eau de cologne with less than 6% perfume oil would be a better choice.


The term "longevity" in the fragrance world refers to how long the scent lingers on your skin. Most people prefer a fragrance that lasts a long time, unless they want to change it up during the day or need it to fade by a particular time. The concept of longevity is frequently mentioned in fragrance reviews, so it's useful to know its meaning when deciding what fragrance to purchase.


Sillage refers to the strength of the fragrance and is the scent that someone following in your footsteps would detect. Weak sillage implies that the fragrance can only be smelled if you put your nose very close to where it was sprayed. On the other hand, a fragrance with strong sillage can fill an entire train carriage. 

Perfume Pyramid:

In general, fragrances follow a pyramid structure, consisting of top, heart, and base notes. The top notes, which are the first scents you smell when you spray the fragrance, are located at the top of the pyramid and evaporate quickly. The heart notes are located in the middle of the pyramid and become noticeable after the top notes evaporate.

Finally, the base notes, which are responsible for the long-lasting scent, are located at the bottom of the pyramid and continue to linger for several hours after the fragrance is applied. Understanding the fragrance pyramid can be helpful when selecting a perfume online because many product descriptions include a breakdown of the fragrance pyramid, giving you an idea of how the scent will develop over time.

Find a fragrance family

The fragrance family refers to the ingredients used in the scent, and there are four primary families: floral, woody, ambreé (former Oriental), and fresh. Each family has its unique features and associated notes. It's essential to determine which family your preferred fragrances belong to when looking for a new perfume.

People are naturally drawn to one or two fragrance families, and it's essential to take note of the significant notes within that family. When shopping for a fragrance online, you can use this list as a guide, searching for fragrances that share the top, heart, and base notes of scents that you already know you like. 

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