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The High Road | CRA-YON x MANTLE-image

The High Road | CRA-YON x MANTLE

CRA-YON and MANTLE have launched the exclusive alcohol free fragrance oil The High Road.

Meet The High Road - a unique fragrance oil created in collaboration with CBD brand MANTLE. 

The High Road Perfume Oil

Get your daily dose of full-spectrum CBD combined with a signature alcohol free scent, created by perfume noses with fourteen years of fragrance experience. With herbaceous, sensual and infatuating tones of cannabis, fig, sage, cedar wood and violet, this is a multilayered scent that elevates all senses and teases your mind with reminiscence of illicit behavior.

The carry-on holster in recycled polyester is hand-knitted in Italy and sourced by sustainable stocking brand Swedish Stockings. Place the fragrance in the holster to bring on-the-go, so you're always ready to take The High Road.




“Ever since we founded MANTLE, we’ve dreamed of creating this product. We’re experts in CBD and CRA-YON in perfume making and together we wanted to capture the essence of cannabis and turn it into a fragrance. When CRA-YON presented the scent we were completely floored. It’s like nothing you smelled before! To us, it was essential to create a multipurpose product: The High Road is part CBD oil, part aroma therapy, and part signature scent.” says Josefin Landgård, founder of MANTLE.

“We always aim to create scents with transportive qualities. With ingredients and compositions that puts you in an empowered, centered and elevated mindset. In The High Road the great qualities of MANTLE’s organic CBD oil combined with our scent composition of Milky Fig and Green Cannabis creates an experience that pushes the needle forward of what a scent can be.” Says Niclas Lydeen, Founder of Cra-Yon.

This product has gained the Highest scores in reviews and we couldn't be prouder!



This is a perfume that is unlike anything else. Warm and personal!



If my Scorpio rising had a scent, The High Road would be IT. Mysterious, sensual and powerful.... like???? It's mesmerizing


First time buying fragrance online and didn't regret it!

I've never bought a scent online before, but when you did one I knew it had to be good. And I was NOT mistaken. People have literally been stopping me on the streets asking me what fragrance I wear!! Also love that it's a roll-on oil-based


Works for ANY occasion!

This scent is addictive, I love putting a little bit on before bed-time just to smell myself haha! Everyone who feels this asks where it comes from. I love that it's in a roll on and in a perfect size.


The scent palette
Top notes:
Fig leaf: fresh, fruity and warm.
Sage: herbaceous, fresh, camphorous.
CBD: earthy, herbal, grassy and relaxing.
Heart notes:
Coconut: sweet and creamy with a nutty tone of vanilla.
Violet: soft, powdery and flirty.
Lily: delicate, intriguing and lightly citrusy
Base notes:
Amber: alluring, sensual, lightly sweet and feminine.
Vetiver: dry, earthy, leathery and smoky.
Cedarwood: deep, sacred, woody and mystical.
Musk: intensely intoxicating, seductive and timeless.


MANTLE is a Swedish CBD brand, founded in 2020 by Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist. MANTLE creates personal care solutions elevated by cannabis. Through a powerful blend of actives and botanicals, you can expect natural yet effective products. The star of the show is the non-psychoactive cannabis extract CBD - known for its ability to restore skin’s equilibrium and maximize its radiance. See more from MANTLE