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The High Road, Eau de Parfum

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The High Road is your new forever scent.

Herbaceous, sensual, and infatuating notes of cannabis, fig, sage, cedarwood, violet, and musk make up this multilayered scent that enchants all senses and teases your mind to reminisce over illicit behavior. This transportive fragrance will put you in an empowered and elevated state you’ll never want to come down from. The High Road is the name of an ongoing exploration of the Cannabis note with the hyped Cannabeauty Brand MANTLE.

Top notes

Fig leaf: fresh, fruity, and warm

Sage: herbaceous, fresh, camphorous.

Cannabis Note: earthy, herbal, and relaxing.

Heart notes

Coconut: sweet and creamy with a nutty tone of vanilla.

Violet: soft, powdery and flirty.

Lily: delicate, intriguing and lightly citrusy.

Base notes

Amber: alluring, sensual, lightly sweet.

Vetiver: dry, earthy, leathery and smoky.

Cedarwood: deep, sacred, woody and mystical.

Musk: intensely intoxicating, seductive and timeless.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Godaste doften!! Är så glad att jag hittat den. Håller länge och man får 1000 komplimanger så var beredd på det ;)

Felix Öhlund
My new everyday parfum!

Spicy and light, funky but also fresh.
I fell in love with it first time I tried it! Don’t think I have ever smelled a parfum like this before.

It’s pretty intense in the beginning but fades in a nice way after a short while. Just how I like my parfums

Rasmus Edlund
One of the best perfumes I've smelled!

I really like the sweetness of the heart notes mixed with the more grassy high note that is cannabis. A very interesting scent that I really enjoy!

Nekane Pradera Goitisolo
My new tressure

I hope it will continue to be available for sale for a long time to come. I bought the discovery kit and now It's my new perfume. When I find one that I like, I use it exclusively for a long time. I like the smell of it, of course, but mainly, the cozy and calming effect it gives me. It is therapeutic.


Very unique perfume with different layers of scents. Love it!