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Summer Perfumes from CRA-YON

Summer is the ultimate season to update your fragrance wardrobe, like opening the windows and letting in the fresh scents of curious flowers, buds, sunlight and the awakening of new life. Discover our selection of fragrances from CRA-YON, all of which capture the essence of summer.

5 expert secrets for finding the Perfect Perfume for Summer.

1. Follow the Seasonal Notes: Look for perfumes with light and floral notes like jasmine, rose, or citrusy scents. These fragrances align with the freshness and vibrancy of summer.

2. Consider Your Personality: Choose a perfume that resonates with your personality. Whether you're into something playful, elegant, or energetic, finding a scent that matches your style enhances the overall experience.

3. Test and Wait: Perfumes can evolve over time, so don't rush the decision. Spritz on your wrist, wait for a few minutes, and let the fragrance settle. This allows you to experience the full spectrum of the scent before making a choice.

4. Think Occasion: Consider where you'll be wearing the perfume. Opt for lighter scents for daytime activities and reserve richer, more intense fragrances for evenings or special occasions.

5. Layering is Key: For a personalized touch, experiment with layering different scents. Use matching body lotions or shower gels to enhance and prolong the fragrance, creating a unique and long-lasting effect.