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Continental, Eau de Parfum

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Think of an olfactory first-class ticket to the world's continents. Each of the seven accords is like a journey through spices, atmospheres and plants from a different region:  Australia (Ylang), Africa (Incense), Europe (Cypress), South America (Orange, Lemongrass), Asia (Mint, Coriander), The Caribbean (citrus and fresh) and North America (Cedarwood). 

It has a rich Leather and smoky tone to it. Creamy and full bodied, with so many notes come together seamlessly. It opens with the ripe freshness of Brazilian orange blended with French cypress and Indian Mint that sets the stage for the soft aromatic and smoky tones of coriander and incense. The base of leather and atlas cedar wood creates a beautiful depth on the skin. It’s a fragrance that should be included in any fragrance wardrobe because of it’s significant and one-of-a-kind character that creates waves but still makes you the hero ot the show.

Did you know?

Continental was created during the global lockdown in 2020, where the longing for travel and exploring the world was at an all-time high. It's a woody scent featuring a curation of ingredients selected in collaboration by master perfumer Christian Provenzano. Scent makes you travel without moving.

Top notes: Brazilian Orange, French Cypress, Indian Mint, Ylang Madagascar
Heart Notes: Coriander, Lemongrass Guatemala, Leather accord, Incense Somalia
Base Notes: Atlas & Virginian Cedarwood, Vetiver Haiti, Sandalwood, Oud Accord, Cashemere Musk, Amber
Mood Direction: Power, Grounding, Sparks Curiousity
100% Vegan / Cruelty Free / Beyond Gender

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love at first sniff

For me it was love at first sniff. An incredible mix of leather, mint, oranges, ylang, cedar, vetiver, oud and musk. Absolute unisex, suitable for a working atmosphere, and a chic evening. It stays on the skin all day and on clothes until washed.

Continetal creates a pleasant atmosphere around and collects compliments from others.

Would be really interesting for leather fragrances fans, but will show you something new.

Beautiful scent.

Absolutely love this scent....love the smoky, citrusy notes and its scent lingers beautifully.
Very happy with my purchase.

Thomas Oestrup
Continental review

A beautiful sweet tobacco fragrances, that just keeps pushing and pushing. I mostly get the tobacco note, but I am not complaining about that. As I live in Scandinavia, this is a fragrances that is useful all year round and on all occasions. Here we have a short summer, but a lot of spring and autumn days. So this is a perfect fragrances for those days when the sun is not beaming down from the skies. I sprayed it on 5-6 hours ago, and still I keep get beautiful whiffs from it, it just keeps on going. I am also get hits of freshness and leather, but mostly this wonderful tobacco. A highly recommended fragrances

Katrine Kolström
Unique fragrance for all occasions

This fragrance is unique and long lasting. Smells nice all day long.

Clara J
Smokey gorgeousness

I really love this perfume. My husband loves it as well. It's smokey and soft with a hint of citrus!