The High Road, Perfume Oil 10ml

  • €80.00

Alcohol free perfume oil with herbaceous, sensual and infatuating tones of fig, sage, cedar wood and violet.  This is a multilayered scent that elevates all senses and teases your mind with reminiscence of illicit behavior. Apply the oil to your pulse points and let the soft milky scent of The High Road with its calming energy empower you.

In collaboration with MANTLE.

Top notes:

Fig leaf: fresh, fruity and warm.

Sage: herbaceous, fresh, camphorous.

Heart notes:

Coconut: sweet and creamy with a nutty tone of vanilla.

Violet: soft, powdery and flirty.

Lily: delicate, intriguing and lightly citrusy

Base notes:

Amber: alluring, sensual, lightly sweet and feminine.

Vetiver: dry, earthy, leathery and smoky.

Cedarwood: deep, sacred, woody and mystical.

Musk: intensely intoxicating, seductive and timeless.