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Vanilla CEO, 10ml Pocket Perfume

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Pocket Perfume version of Vanilla CEO. 

Vanilla CEO is a modern take on a classic Vanilla note, but here in good company with soft woods and fresh notes of orange blossom. The scent ignites the wearer with a sense of vigor, thanks to endorphin-boosting notes of orange blossom and juicy mandarin. Grounding you with a balancing heart of vanilla orchid, sitting on a base of warming amber – it’s a staple fragrance for putting you in charge.

*Online Exclusive

Height: 12cm, Width: 1,8cm

Top Notes

Cyclamen, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Mandarin

Heart Notes

Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes

Amber, wood

Mood Direction

Liberating, radiates calm and grounded energy.

100% Vegan / Cruelty Free / Unisex

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