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Perfumes Best in Test | Glowing Reviews

Looking for a scent that has a proven track record? Look no more, since the launch the CRA-YON scent collection has been making waves around the globe. 😍

Our award winning creators have long experience in selecting ingredients and compose olfactory journeys *filed under magic.  We're thrilled to share a selection of reviews that have solidified our position as highly appreciated in the perfume world. Get ready to embark on an aromatic adventure.

CRA-YON Perfume range for every mood

Our perfume collection is like a non-stop party for your nose! We've curated an array of fragrances that will make you feel like you're dancing through fields of flowers or lounging on a tropical beach. From zesty citrus explosions to sweet and sassy concoctions, our range has something to suit every mood and personality.

CRA-YON stands out among its competitors. Its long-lasting formula ensures that you remain enveloped in its captivating aroma throughout the day, effortlessly boosting your confidence and making heads turn. Whether you're attending a special event, an important meeting, or simply want to feel your best, CRA-YON is your perfect companion.

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Check out some of the unforgettable real world reviews from Beauty Editors, Business Experts, Happy Customers and prominent Magazines.

"One thing is for sure, I need one of each" - @leyglow Leyla Aksoy

I am completely floored by this new Swedish niche perfume house that I stumbled upon by pure chance last week. I was strolling around NK before a workout and asked to try something new, and I was introduced to Cra-yon, which was just launched. April 2020 to be exact.

A perfume house that has decided to uphold high quality, offering Eau de Parfum accessible to a larger audience while thinking sustainably. No plastic around the perfume box or any other excess. Vegan and Cruelty-Free, beyond masculine and feminine, the scents are for everyone regardless of gender identity.

There are three Leyla scents in completely different ways. The scents are deep, have character, are well-balanced, and develop beautifully! I was immediately drawn to Vanilla CEO because I'm a vanilla girl, but definitely not a "vanilla that smells like cookies" kind of girl. A fragrance must be more special to capture my attention, and this one does it!

Then we have Sand Service, which is a spicy fragrance with strength that settles like a gentle hug over the body. I absolutely want to bury my nose in a neck that smells like Sand Service forever.

Lastly, Passport Amour, which for me is a perfect rose fragrance. For several days, I've been placing these three fragrances in different places on my body, which means I walk around constantly sniffing myself.

"To make us travel, build an empire, or find love" - Mélanie Nauche, Beauty journalist, Vogue France

To make us travel, build an empire, or find love... The three creations that make up Cra-Yon's first playful collection prove that the natural fragrance industry can also be a lot of fun. Our favorite: Passport Amour, a beautiful contrast between a soft rose and powerful woods. The result is both mysterious and very sensual.

"We are predicting this collection is about to become the newest essential for editors, influencers and the beauty fanatics across the globe" Cult Beauty

Say Hello to your new fragrance obsession, CRA-YON. Stripping back the unnecessary excess normally associated with luxury perfumes, the brand reveals instead something simple (and irresistable): chic, sustainable scents you are set to fall in love with.


'I don't always take the The High Road but in this case I would as it smells delicious' - Georgina Graham, make up artist @_georginagraham_

Another trend prediction a rise in individuality and awareness will see a desire for bespoke or small batch perfume so the consumer can smell more unique and less mass. 

"New favourite" Johanna Vikman, customer

Bought this *Caramel Days to mark a new era in my life and it did not disappoint! Exactly how I want to smell all summer. Different but still very approachable



Are you ready to unlock the fragrant fun and embrace the best in test? Dive into our collection of perfumes and experience the sheer delight that comes with each spray. Join the ranks of our happy customers and get ready to turn heads, lift spirits, and radiate positive vibes!

At CRA-YON we believe that perfumes should be as fun and unpretentious as you are. Our collection of fragrances and reviews sets us apart as one of the best in the game. So, why settle for boring when you can indulge in the extraordinary?

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