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Healing in Perfumery

CRA-YON goes beyond traditional perfumery to embrace the power of energetic healing through scents.

Our mission is to craft exquisite perfumes that not only leave you smelling wonderful but also elevate your emotional and mental wellbeing. By combining the art of master perfumery with the therapeutic properties of carefully selected notes, we create fragrances that evoke positive feelings and enhance your overall sense of harmony and balance.

The Fusion of Energetic Healing and Master Perfumery

We believe that scents have the remarkable ability to influence our emotions and energy levels. In the process of creating our compositions, we integrate knowledge and insights from energy healers, aromatherapists, and wellness experts to curate fragrances that resonate with the mind, body, and soul. Each perfume is carefully crafted with the intention to uplift your spirit and promote a deeper sense of wellbeing.


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Experience the Power of Healing Scents

Let's explore some of the perfume notes we use and their wellbeing effects:

        1. Bergamot: Known for its bright and citrusy aroma, bergamot helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Its calming properties can soothe the mind and uplift the mood, promoting a sense of relaxation and clarity. We use Bergamot in the top notes of Art Life, Ami Amie and Vanilla CEO

        2. Lavender: A timeless classic, lavender is renowned for its calming and balancing effects. It eases tension, promotes better sleep, and provides a comforting embrace during times of emotional unrest. Lavender is present in the heartnote of The Fougère Affair Perfume Oil.

        3. Sandalwood: This woody note is grounding and helps in centering the mind. Sandalwood fosters a sense of inner peace, allowing you to reconnect with your inner self and find tranquility amidst the chaos. In Sand Service, Passport AmourAmi Amie and Continental we have Sandalwood in the base note.

        4. Rose: The elegant and delicate fragrance of roses has a profound impact on emotional healing. Rose notes can encourage feelings of love, self-compassion, and emotional openness. In Passport Amour we have Damask Rose in the top note.

        5. Eucalyptus: A refreshing and invigorating scent, eucalyptus clears the mind and supports respiratory health. It helps to stimulate mental focus and revitalizes your energy. We use Eucalyptus in the top note of The Fougère Affair.

        6. Vanilla: The warm and comforting aroma of vanilla creates a sense of comfort and nostalgia. It has mood-enhancing properties, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. In Vanilla CEO we have Vanilla Orchid in the heart note. In Caramel Days we use vanilla in the base note.

        7. Amber: Comforting and relaxing. The warm and inviting nature of amber in perfumes can evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation, promoting a sense of well-being and easing stress. Amber notes are sometimes associated with sensuality and romance, making the scent alluring and potentially enhancing mood and intimate experiences. We have Amber in the base note of for example The High Road

Crafting Your Wellbeing Experience

When you wear a CRA-YON fragrance, it's more than just a delightful scent – it's an experience that elevates your state of mind and connects you to a higher sense of self. Whether you seek to find balance, boost positivity, or simply enjoy moments of tranquility, our perfumes are designed to cater to your emotional needs.


Dad Cap by CRA-YON


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