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Floral Perfumes. Read all about it!-image

Floral Perfumes. Read all about it!

Here we share some essential facts in our Floral Perfumes. A fragrance guide.

We all agree that flowers are one of the most beautiful creations in nature, with their delicate petals, vibrant colors, and alluring fragrances. They have been celebrated for centuries in art, literature, and culture, and have come to symbolize love, happiness, and beauty. From the humble daisy to the majestic rose, flowers have the power to captivate and enchant us, brightening up our lives and filling our hearts with joy. Whether in a garden, a vase on a table, or as the inspiration for a beautiful fragrance, flowers continue to inspire and delight us with their timeless beauty. Here we share some essential facts in our Floral Perfumes. A fragrance guide. 


A floral bouquet is a delightful combination of various flowers that creates a lavish and captivating scent. Unlike a dainty posy, this fragrance has a powerful feminine impression without any one flower dominating. Very common in floral perfumes. 


Aldehydes are synthetic ingredients that add a sparkling and effervescent touch to fragrances, making them more vibrant and luxurious. Although aldehydes can be included in various fragrances, including chypres and ambrées, they are commonly used in floral fragrances to enhance their brightness. After settling down, the scent of a floral aldehydic fragrance often becomes powdery.


Fruity florals are a contemporary twist on the floral family, with a young and lively vibe that exudes a sunny disposition. The juicy fruits, such as peach, raspberry, pear, and apple, provide a luscious sweetness to the cut flowers. Ami Amie opens up with raspberry in the top note.


White flowers, such as lilies, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lily of the valley, are some of the most romantic notes in perfumery, making them perfect for weddings. When these flowers dominate a fragrance, it is known as a white floral. Feminine, elegant, and sophisticated, white floral scents are a must-try for those who enjoy exploring this family.


Floral-fresh scents are light and airy, perfect for those who want a lighter eau de Cologne with more staying power. These fragrances often combine floral and citrus notes, making them ideal for summertime or when you don’t want to overpower with your scent, such as in a work or interview setting.


Floral musk fragrances add a sensual touch to floral scents. Soft, sweet notes such as musk, including white musks with clean, almost laundry-like notes, and come-hither musks with sexy animalic elements such as civet and ambergris, underpin the floral notes of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lily.


Green floral fragrances are a fresher and sharper twist on traditional floral scents, incorporating leaves of plants such as violet, herbs, fresh-cut grass, mosses, and fragrant gum resin galbanum. These fragrances can create an intriguing depth while adding a cooling freshness that may be structured to have a sporty or outdoorsy vibe.


Floriental fragrances are a sophisticated fusion of floral and ambrée notes, including gardenia, jasmine, freesia, and orange flower, combined with warm woods, resins, and spices. These fragrances are sensual and sweetly seductive, with an airy and lighter feel than true ambrées. As this family continues to grow, more fragrances that enhance spiciness, woodiness, or fruity notes are expected to be added.