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Fresh Perfumes. How fresh can you get?-image

Fresh Perfumes. How fresh can you get?

Here we guide you to the main directions of the Fresh aromas used in perfumery 🍒

Check out this guide about fresh perfumes. All you need to know.

What is better than a fresh and joyful scent to add energy and positivity to your day? Here we guide you to the main directions of the Fresh aromas used in perfumery. 



Uplifting, zesty, and cooling notes like lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, and mandarin. These notes are sometimes referred to as ”hesperidic,” after the Hesperides, the nymphs from Greek mythology. Fresh fragrances typically smell clean.  Some fragrances in this family evoke a sea breeze, while others smell like bottled sunshine. If you enjoy bright, uplifting, sunny, and airy scents, you can explore other fragrances within the fresh category.



The fresh and aromatic family, with herbal and aromatic notes like tarragon, thyme, and rosemary playing alongside the citrusy elements. These fragrances are airy and outdoorsy. Continental has an aromatic and spicy freshness in its composition that had gained a cult following. 


violet leaf

The fresh and green family is clean, sporty, and evokes a breath of fresh air through an open window. Fragrances in this category feature elements like green tea, grass, herbs, vines, and leaves (such as violet leaf), with occasional hints of fruit. Some scents in this family manage to capture warmth, but most evoke a cool, shaded spot. They are also longer-lasting than some of the other fresh fragrances.



Fruity notes have been popular in fragrances for some years now. The fresh and fruity category is traditionally characterized by zestily juicy citrus notes, but now includes lusher fruits like mango, peach, melon, pineapple, and berries , which soften the freshness with a light, sensual touch of summery sweetness.

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