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Vanilla CEO EDP. A Guide to the perfume notes-image

Vanilla CEO. A guide to the perfume ingredients

Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum. All the creamy, soft and woody magic Perfume Notes to empower your day.

Vanilla CEO is lifting you up to a level of creamy woody bliss. Read all about it in this Perfume guide of the notes in Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum. It adds power in a soft and comforting way. The scent of wood and vanilla is warm and inviting and combines the earthy, natural aroma of wood with the sweet, creamy scent of vanilla.  


Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has cyclamen as a top note.

is a flower with a delicate and fresh scent that is often used in perfumery as a top or middle note, so also in Vanilla CEO. The fragrance of cyclamen can be described as light, floral, and slightly sweet, with hints of freshness and a subtle, powdery undertone.

It is often used to add a touch of freshness to perfumes, and can be found in a wide range of floral, fruity, and oriental fragrances. Depending on the other notes used in the perfume, cyclamen can add a crisp, green aspect to the overall scent, or it can blend seamlessly with other floral notes to create a delicate fragrance.

Orange blossom

Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has orange blossom as a top note.

is a fragrant and aromatic flower that is widely used in perfumery as a top or middle note. The fragrance of orange blossom in perfume can be described as sweet, fresh, and floral, with a subtle hint of bitterness. It has a bright and uplifting scent that can evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and nostalgia.

The scent is often described as being similar to the aroma of fresh oranges, but with a more delicate and sophisticated quality. Depending on the other notes used in the perfume, orange blossom can add a subtle sweetness or a rich, heady quality to the overall scent. It is a popular note in floral, oriental, and citrus fragrances, and is often used as a signature ingredient in high-end perfumes.


Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has bergamot as a top note.

has a fresh, citrusy aroma with a slightly floral and spicy undertone. The scent of bergamot is often described as lively, uplifting, and refreshing. It is similar to other citrus fruits like lemon and orange but has a unique floral and spicy quality that sets it apart.

Bergamot's fragrance is widely used in the perfume industry, where it is often used as a top note in fragrances. Its bright and fresh aroma can create a sense of energy and vitality, making it a popular choice in perfumes designed for daytime wear.
In addition to its fragrance, bergamot is also valued for its health benefits. Bergamot oil is rich in antioxidants and can help improve skin health and reduce inflammation. This makes it a popular ingredient in skincare products as well as perfumes.


Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has mandarin as a top note.

note refers to a fragrance ingredient derived from the Mandarin fruit. Mandarin has a bright, sweet, and juicy aroma that is reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges. It is a top note in many fragrances, meaning that it is the initial scent that you would smell upon application, and it can add a refreshing and uplifting quality to a perfume composition.

The mandarin note is often used in combination with other citrus notes, such as bergamot or lemon, as well as floral or spicy notes, to create complex and well-rounded fragrances. Vanilla CEO is combined with bergamot and mandarin in the top and Vanilla Orchid in the transition to the heartnote.

Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has vanilla orchid as a heart note.

is a fragrant flower that is widely used in perfumery to add a warm, sweet, and comforting note to fragrances. The fragrance of vanilla orchid in perfume can be described as warm, creamy, and sweet, with a rich, sensual undertone. The scent is often compared to newly baked pastries, notes of caramel, toffee, and spice. Vanilla orchid can be used as a top, middle, or base note in perfumes, and is often blended with other warm and spicy ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, or ginger to create a more complex and sophisticated fragrance.

Depending on the other notes used in the perfume, vanilla orchid can add a cozy, comforting quality or a sensual, alluring aspect to the overall scent. It is a popular note in gourmand, oriental, and floral fragrances, and is often used to create a sense of warmth, intimacy, and indulgence.


Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has amber as a base note.

is a classic and multifaceted note in perfumery, known for its warm, rich, and sensual scent. It is not actually extracted from amber, but rather is a synthetic accord that is created by blending various ingredients such as vanilla, labdanum, benzoin, and other resins and spices.

Amber is often used as a base note in perfumes, providing depth and longevity to the fragrance. It is a popular ingredient in oriental and woody fragrances, but can also be used in floral and fresh scents to add warmth and richness.
One of the benefits of using amber in perfumery is its ability to create a sense of intimacy and sensuality.

The warm and rich scent of amber can be alluring and captivating, making it an ideal ingredient for fragrances designed to evoke passion and romance.
In addition to its scent profile, amber is also valued in perfumery for its fixative properties. It can help to hold the fragrance together and increase its longevity on the skin.

Soft woods

Vanilla CEO Eau de Parfum has softwoods as base note..

in perfume typically have a delicate and subtle scent that is warm, woody, and slightly sweet. They can be used to add depth and complexity to a fragrance or to create a cozy and comforting atmosphere. Some examples of soft woods used in perfumery include cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine.

These scents can be used as a base note to anchor a fragrance or as a heart note to provide a gentle and calming aroma. Soft woods in perfume can evoke a sense of warmth, relaxation, and harmony with nature. 

Scent Comparisons

To assist you in finding the perfect fragrance, we're offering references to some fantastic perfumes with a similar direction. If you've experienced any of these scents before, we're confident you'll appreciate this one too.

Diptyque's Eau Duelle is a sweet and green fragrance with vanilla, spiced tea, black cardamom, and a touch of pink pepper. It has a musky and soft aroma, enriched with rare resins, frankincense, elemi, and ambergris for a captivating scent. The main vibes are aromatic, vanilla, fresh, and warm spicy, with a woody powdery base.

If you like Eau Duelle, you might find similarities in our Vanilla CEO, which is a bit more floral and citrusy but shares the vanilla, woody, sweet powdery essence. Vanilla CEO is quietly classy when you wear it. It's vanilla, but not too sugary. The mix with a bunch of Sandalwood keeps the vanilla down-to-earth and not too sweet, while still keeping that yummy creaminess. At first, you get a bit of freshness that lightens up the strong vanilla feeling.