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Perfumes for New Year's Eve | Interview with the founders

An interview with the Founders and their recommendations for New Years Eve.

As we are approaching the new year we have an exciting treat for you as we sit down with the founders of CRA-YON, the creators of some of the most captivating scents on the market. New Year's Eve is such a memorable moment and since Perfume has a direct connection to your memories, we've got the inside scoop on which fragrances will accompany them into the new year. They will also be reveiling some plans for the cra-yon community to be a part of during next year. 

Christine, What fragrance shall you be wearing on New Years eve?

-Selecting the right fragrance for New Year's Eve is a deeply personal choice. Fragrance has the power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories, making it an essential part of any celebration. Our scents are crafted to enhance the overall experience, adding an extra layer of sophistication and glamour to the festivities. 

I will be wearing the new perfume oil The Fougere affaire that we launched in collaboration with Mantle. It has a transformative power and that makes this fragrance your ticket to a world of unwavering confidence, positivity, and centered energy. Just what you need for an evening full of surprises and gatherings. Spoiler alert, this fragrance will actually be launched as an Eau de Parfum this spring and we are so excited!

And you Niclas, Can you give our readers a sneak peek into the fragrances you'll be wearing on New Year's Eve and the inspiration behind your choices?

-I'll be floating into the new year wearing the gourmand delight Caramel Days. As an extra twist I will add a sparkling layer with the zesty Art Life. This layering combination is a favorite. It is mellow and irresistible, characterized by accords of gourmand, creamy, fruity, and floral notes. Its aroma is the perfect complement to my New Year's Eve mood.

Stunning choices! Any tips for our readers on how to choose the ideal fragrance for their New Year's Eve celebration?

Trust your instincts and choose a fragrance that resonates with your personality and the vibe you want to create. Consider the occasion, your outfit, and the emotions you want to evoke. Fragrance is a powerful accessory that can elevate your entire experience, so have fun experimenting! We actually have a Discovery kit with all our scents that could be a great option to try and also try layering.

How do you aim to connect with people through your fragrances?

We want people to pay more attention to their own senses. We are sure that by being aware and awake, the personal experience in the world becomes more profound, grounded, and connected. The sense of smell is our strongest sense, and by intentionally connecting it to your state of mind or using it to trigger a mood, directing how you want to feel, it becomes like an invisible superpower. The mindset that we want to inspire people with is to be curious, attentive, and kind to yourself and the world around you. When adding a CRA-YON scent to your day, we hope it will inspire you and the people around you. We want you to receive a lot of compliments and ignite joy around you. Everything we do at CRA-YON IS is about sparking joy and good feelings. We believe that it is a powerful and empowering mission to be on. We aim to spark inspiration and ideas and guide people to become more attentive to the world around them. 

Any other reveilings of what will be happening for CRA-YON during 2024? 

Christine: We are actually working on plenty of new things happening this year. Not only will we be launching The Fougere Affair and The Dusk Daze as Eau de Parfums, we are also working on new segments in the scent category. TBC.

Niclas: During 2024 we will be offering a completely new dimension in the CRA-YON Experience. Cra-yon will launch it's first physical retreat in Paris nestled in the city center. Stay tuned for more..

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