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The Fougère Affair | All about the Ingredients-image

The Fougère Affair | All about the Ingredients

With The Fougère Affair, we've bottled confidence, positivity, and centered energy - a reminder of your inner strength. Read all about the ingredients and fragrance Composition. 

Discover the transformative power of The Fougère Affair, the latest creation by CRA-YON Perfumers, Niclas and Christine Lydeen in collaboration with Skincare Innovators MANTLE. This fragrance is your ticket to a world of unwavering confidence, positivity, and centered energy.
The Fougère Affair - the lemon notes


Lemon, a popular citrus, is essential in perfumes. Its fresh, zesty scent, taken from the peel, gives fragrances a lively start. It works well with different scents, making them fresh and long-lasting. Lemon's timeless, cheerful aroma adds a lively touch to perfumes. 

Sweet Orange

Versatile and refreshing, it harmonizes with various scent profiles, lending a zest of energy and extending the fragrance's allure. Orange radiates joy and vibrancy.


Bergamot in Fougère Affair Perfume oil
Bergamot, a prized citrus, is a perfumery star. It's crisp, citrusy scent, derived from the peel, brings a fresh and zesty top note to fragrances. Adaptable and invigorating, it harmonizes with diverse scent profiles, lending a burst of energy and enhancing a fragrance's appeal. Bergamot exudes a timeless, uplifting charm.


Mandarin's scent is sweet, citrusy, and warm, evoking a sense of fresh, ripe fruit. Its aroma is inviting and comforting, with a hint of floral and herbal undertones.


Grapefruit's scent is vibrant and zesty, a fusion of citrus and a touch of bitterness. It exudes a refreshing, slightly tangy aroma, awakening the senses with a lively, invigorating quality.


Wormwood, an aromatic plant, is used in perfumes for its bitter, herbaceous, and slightly anise-like scent. It adds depth and complexity, often contributing a green and earthy quality to fragrances.


Eucalyptus in The Fougère Affair by CRA-YON Parfums
Eucalyptus, derived from the eucalyptus tree, offers a crisp, invigorating scent to perfumes. Its aroma is fresh, camphoraceous, and cooling, frequently used for its revitalizing and respiratory-clearing properties.


Cannabis in The Fougère Affair by CRA-YON Parfums
Cannabis in perfume lends an earthy, green, and slightly spicy aroma. It adds a unique depth to fragrances, often associated with an herbal, woody character.


Lavender in The Fougère Affair by CRA-YON Parfums
Lavender, a beloved aromatic herb, is a cornerstone of perfumery. Its versatile essence, extracted from the lavender flower, offers a calming, floral, and herbaceous note. Lavender is a popular middle or heart note, often used to enhance fragrances with its soothing, elegant, and timeless aroma.


Cedarwood in The Fougère Affaire by CRA-YON Parfums
Cedarwood is a classic ingredient in perfumery, known for its woody, warm, and subtly resinous fragrance. Derived from various cedar tree species, it's a versatile note used across fragrance families. As a base note, cedarwood provides longevity to scents, anchoring them with a solid foundation. Its rich and earthy aroma adds depth, often evoking a sense of grounded elegance. Cedarwood complements various elements, from florals to spices, enhancing complexity and balance.


Vetiver in The Fougère Affair by CRA-YON Parfums
Vetiver, a robust grass root, is a crucial base note in perfumery. Its earthy, smoky, and woody scent adds depth and warmth, often evoking a sense of grounding and sensuality.


Musk is a renowned and enigmatic ingredient in perfumery, valued for its ability to create long-lasting, sensual fragrances. Musk contributes to the depth and longevity of scents, making it a common choice for base notes.
Its aroma is often described as animalic, warm, and slightly sweet, with a captivating and mysterious allure. Musk blends seamlessly with other fragrance components, enhancing their sensuality and complexity. It has the power to evoke feelings of intimacy, luxury, and allure, making it an enduring and iconic element in the world of perfumery.


Moss, often found in perfumery as oakmoss or tree moss, adds a damp, earthy, and forest-like note to fragrances. It imparts a grounding and green quality, enhancing scent depth and complexity.
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