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We are moving to Paris-image

We are moving to Paris

Paris, with its rich history and culture of perfume-making, is the perfect place for CRA-YON to grow and thrive ❤️

The Perfume Industry has always been one of the most glamorous and sophisticated businesses in the world.

For centuries, Paris has been the epicenter of the fragrance industry, where many of the world's most renowned perfume brands are based. However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the industry, with more brands, such as CRA-YON emerging from unexpected locations around the world. 

CRA-YON have been gaining popularity in many parts of the world such as Scandinavia, Japan, US and the UK since the launch in 2020. To take the business to the next level, we are moving our studio from Sweden to be in the heart of the fragrance industry. Paris, with it's rich history and culture of perfume-making, is the perfect place for CRA-YON to grow and thrive.

Paris is home to some of the world's most renowned perfumers, providing access to the best ingredients, suppliers, and experts in the industry. The city provides a rich history and culture, top talent, raw materials, a strong distribution network, and a large and diverse customer base. Therefore, it is an ideal location for CRA-YON to develop its operations.

We hope you will follow our journey on our mission to convince the french noses that CRA-YON is their new invisible friend with scents for all occasions and moods.

In our blog posts to come we will invite you to follow us at Perfumers Gardens, Behind the scenes, Distilleries, Marché aux Fleurs (where wide variety of fragrances made from the flowers grow), Events and much much more.

Stay tuned!


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