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Vanilla CEO, Eau de Parfum

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*Executive confidence booster.

Vanilla CEO is a modern take on a classic Vanilla note, but here in good company with soft woods and fresh notes of orange blossom. The scent ignites the wearer with a sense of vigour, thanks to endorphin-boosting notes of orange blossom and juicy mandarin. Grounding you with a balancing heart of vanilla orchid, sat on a base of warming amber – it’s a staple fragrance for putting you in charge.

This scent is all about power, but refined and subtle. It serves as a reminder that power does not always equal strength and intensity. Power can be in softness, power can be in kindness and power can be in a knowing rather than a loud voice. The Vanilla and soft woods work beautifully together and linger well on the skin without ever overpowering.

Why we made the Perfume?

Vanilla CEO caters to demand for the perfect office scent. A greatest hits of fragrance notes to put you in charge but keeps everyone around you feel inspired.

Top Notes

Cyclamen, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Mandarin

Heart Notes

Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes

Amber, wood

Mood Direction

Liberating, radiates calm and grounded energy.

100% Vegan / Cruelty Free / Unisex

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Alexandra Hansson
Dreamy Vanilla CEO

Had a break from vanilla CEO to use other perfumes but i always come back to this one. I get lots of compliments as well!

Céline van Baalen

Love this scent! Warm, woody with a soft touch of vanilla!

Lena Fransson
Love it!

Best perfume ever

Marco Linty
Perfect scent for office days but not only

This has became one of my favourites scents for everyday. It is sweet but not too much, and has the freshness of agrumate. Also, it gives the powerness for being a vanilla ceo as the title states. I just finished the bottle and I think I'm gonna buy it again (which is only the second time for me doing this, after the Chanel Eau Tendre that I used long time ago before discovering Vanilla Ceo).

Carol Cramer

The bottle of Vanilla CEO came in good shape and packaged much better than the first bottle which did not actually arrive. The package of the first was not nearly as strong. Thank you so much for the replacement,
Carol Cramer