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How to find the right perfume? Read this guide. | CRA-YON

How to find the right perfume? Read this guide. | CRA-YON

Many ask the question on how to find the right perfume. The answer is easy. Read our guide.

Many ask the question on how to find the right perfume. The answer is easy.

Don't look for it. Instead, embark on an inspirational fragrance journey and discover what you like and how you want to feel and express yourself with scent. Build a fragrance wardrobe with different scents for different occasions and moods. 

Good news! The Cra-Yon Fragrance wardrobe is built like this and offers a range of scents with distinct "Superpowers". These scents can be used to enhance specific moods or feelings, allowing you to wake up your nose and stimulate your senses. From the perfect power scent for the office to the aroma that boosts your confidence during an important meeting, or the fragrance that transports you to a happy place whenever you need it, or something to help you unwind after a long day, the possibilities are endless. With a fragrance wardrobe that caters to your preferences and needs, you can unlock the power of scent and create a more fulfilling sensory experience. 

 Here we will guide you to the different types of scents and how they work. By understanding a few key factors, you can make a more informed decision and select a fragrance that complements your personality.

Fragrances can be a reflection of your personal preferences. A fragrance can convey different moods and emotions. For instance, a floral fragrance can be associated with love while a woody fragrance can give a more confident impression. If you're unsure which category of fragrance to go for, start by identifying your favorite scents in other products, such as lotions or candles, and find fragrances that share similar notes. 

Perfumes are composed of various notes that work together to create a particular scent. These notes are categorized into different families or categories, each with its own unique characteristics. Understanding the different note families can help you choose a fragrance that suits your preferences.

Floral Notes
are some of the most popular and widely used fragrance notes. They are derived from different flowers and can range from delicate and light to rich and complex. Common floral notes include rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and lavender. 

Here are the different categories of flowers in floral fragrances:

Green / spring or vegetal flowers
White or sensual flowers / solar flowers
Powdery flowers
Spicy flowers
Atypical flowers

You can read more of each category in our article about Florals

Ami Amie is in the Floral-Ambree family with floral notes such as tuberose, white jasmine, YlangYlang and Lotus Flowers. 

Citrus Notes
are bright, fresh, and invigorating. Citrus fragrances are typically made using essential oils extracted from the peel or fruit of citrus trees, such as lemon, limes, orange, grapefruit, and bergamot. They are often used in summer and daytime scents, as they provide a refreshing and energizing effect. The use of these essential oils as top notes in perfumes is common, as they create the initial scent impression that is immediately noticed upon application. These oils are known to evaporate quickly, which is why they are often blended with other ingredients to produce a more sophisticated and long-lasting aroma. Art Life activates your senses, raises your energy and stimulates your creativity with a composition filled with Citrus, Neroli and Tonka.

'Oriental' Notes aka Ambree
The term 'Oriental' historically referred to a fragrance family that included notes like amber, sandalwood, coumarin, orris, vanilla, cinnamon and gum resins in the perfume world. Although most major fragrance houses still use this term to classify scents with these ingredients, it has become increasingly clear in recent times that this term is outdated and offensive to many people. As a result, it has been replaced with the term ambrée.  Fragrances in the ambrée family are often warm, voluptuous, and have a wow factor and tend to have a warm, heavy, and diffusive richness. These fragrances also linger sensually on the skin due to their heavy base notes, which tend to last longer. Continental belongs to this group with leather, incense and oud accord. Its mood direction is powering and grounding.

Woody Notes
are a popular and enduring fragrance family in the world of perfumery. These scents evoke the warm, earthy, and natural aromas of the forest, including the smell of fresh cut wood, moss, and leaves. Woody notes can add depth, warmth, and sophistication to perfumes, making them an essential element in many fragrance compositions. Woody notes come from a range of natural sources, including various species of trees, shrubs, and plants. The most common sources of woody notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli. These raw materials are often combined with other ingredients such as citrus, floral, or spicy notes to create a well-rounded and harmonious fragrance. Passport Amour combines the delicate essence of a spicy woody rose with the earthy richness of agarwood, cedarwood and patchouli. The mood direction is selflove, magnetism and evoking attaction.
Sand Service is concidered woody, cripsy green with notes such as violet leafs, cardamom, papyrus, orris and base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood. The mood direction for this scent is that it attracts positivity, clarity and luminosity.

Aromatic Notes
notes are fresh and herbaceous, often associated with the scent of freshly cut grass or herbs. They are composed of ingredients such as basil, thyme, and mint. The High Road is a herbaceous, sensual with infatuating notes of cannabis, fig, sage, cedarwood, violet and musk. It's a multilayered scent that enchants all senses and teases your mind.

Chypre Notes
are composed of earthy and mossy scents, such as oakmoss, patchouli, and bergamot. They are often used in perfumes and provide a complex and intriguing scent.

Fougere Notes
are composed of fresh and woody scents, such as lavender, oakmoss, and geranium. 

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