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How to find the right perfume ? A blog by CRA-YON Parfums-image

How to find the right perfume ? Read this guide.

Build a Fragrance wardrobe? Choose a perfume by notes? Change your perfume with the seasons? Signs to Identify if a Perfume is Suitable for You

Many ask the question on how to find the right perfume. The answer is easy. Don't look for it. Instead, embark on an inspirational fragrance journey and discover what you like and how you want to feel and express yourself with scent. 

Build a Fragrance wardrobe 

Good news! The Cra-Yon Fragrance wardrobe is built like this and offers a range of scents with distinct "Superpowers". These scents can be used to enhance specific moods or feelings, allowing you to wake up your nose and stimulate your senses. From the perfect scent for the office Sand Service to the aroma that boosts your confidence during an important meeting Vanilla CEO, or the fragrance that transports you to a happy place whenever you need it Passport Amour, or The High Road Perfume Oil to help you unwind after a long day, the possibilities are endless.
With a fragrance wardrobe that caters to your preferences and needs, you can unlock the power of scent and create a more fulfilling sensory experience. 
Here we will guide you to the different types of scents and how they work. By understanding a few key factors, you can make a more informed decision and select a fragrance that complements your personality.

Choose a Perfume by notes

Fragrances can be a reflection of your personal preferences. A fragrance can convey different moods and emotions. For instance, a floral fragrance can be associated with love while a woody fragrance can give a more confident impression. If you're unsure which category of fragrance to go for, start by identifying your favorite scents in other products, such as lotions or candles, and find fragrances that share similar notes. 
Perfumes are composed of various notes that work together to create a particular scent. These notes are categorized into different families or categories, each with its own unique characteristics. Understanding the different note families can help you choose a fragrance that suits your preferences.

Floral Notes

are some of the most popular and widely used fragrance notes. They are derived from different flowers and can range from delicate and light to rich and complex. Common floral notes include rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and lavender. Floral ingredients are essential in perfumery and offer an incredible diversity that adds nobility, delicacy, and richness to fragrances.
To expand the range of scents that can be extracted from nature, perfumers use a technology known as 'headspace'. This innovative method allows them to capture the olfactory molecules of protected flowers without gathering them. By doing so, they can create new fragrances without harming the environment or endangering plant species.
You can read more of each category in our
Ami Amie is in the Floral-Ambery family with floral notes such as tuberose, white jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Lotus Flowers. 

Citrus Notes

How to find the right perfume by CRA-YON Parfums
are bright, fresh, and invigorating. Citrus fragrances are typically made using essential oils extracted from the peel or fruit of citrus trees, such as lemon, limes, orange, grapefruit, and bergamot. They are often used in summer and daytime scents, as they provide a refreshing and energizing effect. The use of these essential oils as top notes in perfumes is common, as they create the initial scent impression that is immediately noticed upon application. These oils are known to evaporate quickly, which is why they are often blended with other ingredients to produce a more sophisticated and long-lasting aroma. Art Life activates your senses, raises your energy and stimulates your creativity with a composition filled with Citrus, Neroli and Tonka.

'Oriental' Notes aka Ambery

The term 'Oriental' historically referred to a fragrance family that included notes like amber, sandalwood, coumarin, orris, vanilla, cinnamon and gum resins in the perfume world. Although most major fragrance houses still use this term to classify scents with these ingredients, it has become increasingly clear in recent times that this term is outdated and offensive to many people. As a result, it has been replaced with the term ambrée/ambery. 
Fragrances in this family are often warm, voluptuous, and have a wow factor and tend to have a warm, heavy, and diffusive richness. These fragrances also linger sensually on the skin due to their heavy base notes, which tend to last longer. Continental belongs to this group with leather, incense and oud accord. Its mood direction is powering and grounding. Ambery notes are the conventional combinations of scents used by Arab perfumers. This expansive olfactory idea represents powerful, alluring, and warm notes. Additionally, it alludes to ambery notes, which evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.

Woody Notes

Woody Notes by CRA-YON Parfums
are a popular and enduring fragrance family in the world of perfumery. These scents evoke the warm, earthy, and natural aromas of the forest, including the smell of fresh cut wood, moss, and leaves. Woody notes can add depth, warmth, and sophistication to perfumes, making them an essential element in many fragrance compositions.
Woody notes come from a range of natural sources, including various species of trees, shrubs, and plants. The most common sources of woody notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli. These raw materials are often combined with other ingredients such as citrus, floral, or spicy notes to create a well-rounded and harmonious fragrance. Passport Amour combines the delicate essence of a spicy woody rose with the earthy richness of agarwood, cedarwood and patchouli. The mood direction is selflove, magnetism and evoking attraction.
Sand Service is concidered woody, cripsy green with notes such as violet leafs, cardamom, papyrus, orris and base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood. The mood direction for this scent is that it attracts positivity, clarity and luminosity.

Aromatic Fougère Notes

In the world of perfumery, aromatic ingredients play an important role in creating what is known as the 'fougère' fragrance. This scent profile is characterized by a combination of various aromatic plants, including basil, sage, rosemary, and thyme, which come together to create a refreshing and invigorating sensation.
The High Road is herbaceous and sensual with infatuating notes of cannabis, fig, sage, cedarwood, violet and musk. It's a multilayered scent that enchants all senses and teases your mind.
The High Road Eau De Parfum by CRA-YON

Chypre Notes

In 1917, Francois Coty introduced a groundbreaking fragrance called "Chypre," which would go on to inspire generations of perfumers. With its structured accord, this perfume showcased a unique combination of patchouli and oakmoss that produced an unforgettable scent trail and diffusion. 

Watery Notes

The watery notes evoke waterfall, sea or air, marine breeze, even ozone giving an effect of transparacy.

Aldehydic Notes

Aldehydic ingrdients commonly refer to synthetic fragrant molecules as aldehydes evoking the scent of soap, laundry rooms, clean cotton etc.

Fruity Notes

Fruity Notes by CRA-YON Parfums
Due to the high water content in fruit, it is not possible to extract their olfactory principle. Instead, fruity notes are typically recreated through a diverse palette of molecules that can reproduce the wide range of fruit characteristics, including velvety or juicy textures, acidity or sweetness, and colors ranging from green to red to yellow, as well as dry or watery consistencies.

Spicy Notes

Spicy ingredients are incredibly diverse, ranging from pungent freshness to enveloping warmth. These ingredients provide a wide range of characteristics that help to develop the character and personality, as well as offer relief to the senses. They offer both warm and fresh sensations, as well as intense, original, and incomparable flavors. 

Tobacco Notes

The tobacco notes mostly refer to ingredients used in tobacco flavouring, giving silkiness and richness to fragrances.What they have in common is the effect of velvety-soft skin and a pleasant scent evoking fresh mown hay.
TOBACCO notes by CRA-YON Parfums

Gourmand Notes

Gourmand notes not only gather sweet notes but also salty or bitter delights, such as hazelnut or coffee. These notes are often reminiscent of childhood scents, providing a sense of comfort and well-being to perfumes. Gourmand notes can be quite reassuring as they evoke fond memories and offer a sense of strength to the wearer.

Leather Notes 

This family offer a rich and powerful aroma with smoky and burnt wood notes, accompanied by a distinct tarry undertone. Its enveloping scent is dry and striking, reminiscent of leather with a touch of softness from styrax and suede. The fragrance also exudes sensuality, with hints of animalic notes that enhance its overall appeal.
Continental 50ml

Musk Notes

Today, when we talk about "musk," we are no longer referring to the animal-derived substance. Instead, we use the term to describe a group of synthetic fragrances commonly known as "white musk" or "transparent musk." Musk is a soothing and pleasant scent, with a gentle and slightly fruity aroma that helps to soften and round out perfumes, as well as making them more long-lasting.

Conceptual Notes

A perfumer's inspiration can come from a wide range of sources, including the natural world, everyday objects, and a desire to capture a particular feeling or sensation. Even unexpected sources such as chemicals, fabrics, and plastics can spark creative ideas for new scents.

Change your perfume with the seasons

When it comes to discovering the perfect fragrance, opting for season-specific perfumes is a viable choice. During the warmer months, indulging in light and invigorating citrus notes proves to be ideal for unwinding on sandy beaches or lounging beside the pool. As autumn arrives, bidding farewell to summer entails embracing the richness of woody and aromatic notes. Winter calls for enveloping scents that exude warmth, characterized by sweet and delectable gourmand notes. Finally, spring ushers in a celebration of rejuvenation with the vibrant and blossoming aromas of fruity and floral notes.

Signs to Identify if a Perfume is Suitable for You

Are you intrigued by your coworker's captivating scent? Have you ever mustered the courage to approach a stranger on the street and inquire about their fragrance? It's important to note that perfumes interact uniquely with various skin types. If you've developed a fondness for a specific perfume, pause before rushing to purchase it. Prior to committing, it's crucial to ascertain if it harmonizes with your individuality. Our suggestion is to lightly spritz the perfume on the inner part of your wrist. Ignore the misconception that advises rubbing your wrists together, as this can potentially harm and distort the fragrance. Still captivated by the aroma? Exercise patience and resist temptation! Allow the scent to evolve on your skin for a few more hours before finalizing your decision. If the perfume continues to entice you by day's end, rest assured it is the perfect match for you!"

Choosing the ideal perfume can be a daunting task. Make an informed decision by selecting a fragrance that mirrors your true self and unveils your innermost thoughts. Our top tip? Allow your personality, preferences to serve as your guiding compass when making your choice. If you find yourself uncertain, feel free to consult our specialists who can provide tailored recommendations. 

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